The Best Makeup For Oily Skin

The best makeup for oily skin is not going to help a medical condition

You’re probably at the best makeup for oily skin site because you have oily skin and you’re looking for a way to minimize its appearance or cover it up. While I totally understand the desire to do that, it’s also critical to make sure that your oily skin is not being caused by a medical problem that you don’t even know you have.

The two leading causes of oily skin are genetics and hormone levels. Obviously, you can’t do anything about your genetics. You had no choice in who your parents were, but you can make sure that if your oily skin is caused by hormone levels, it’s not due to some medical issue or abnormality with your system.

Androgens are the type of hormones that are most responsible for the amount of oil that your skin produces. These are thought of as male hormones, but they are also produced in women. When more of this hormone is produced by your body, your skin gets oilier. When less of this hormone is produced, you will have less oil on your skin.

There are many reasons why your androgen levels may be higher than normal. As I’m sure you know, a woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal shifts and changes. If during any of those changes you see a rise in androgen hormone, your skin will produce a lot more oil than it normally does.

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Here are some of the reasons your body may be producing excess androgen:

  • Puberty– Obviously going through puberty makes all of your hormone levels jump around.
  • Pregnancy– When your body starts to change to provide for a baby’s needs, it usually changes your hormone levels as well.
  • Most of the pregnancy tests that are available are testing for a hormone in your system that is only there when you are pregnant.
  • Menstruation– Same as puberty, we all know our hormones can go crazy during this time.
  • Menopause– Yet another one of the parts of life where our body is changing its hormone levels.
  • Oral Contraceptives– The pill has been known to change hormone levels in women causing many different issues from oily skin to weight gain.
  • Steroids – I’m talking about medically prescribed steroids from your doctor here.Stress– Yes, even plain old stress can cause oily skin. When you are under a lot of stress, your body releases a different hormone called cortisol. Cortisol has been known to cause oily skin too.After looking down this list, ask yourself if any of these reasons may be the cause of your oily skin. Find the best makeup for oily skin instead of eliminating your oily skin by changing something simple is a bad idea. Many of the causes for oily skin can’t be helped or prevented, but if you’re on prescription steroids or contraception, you could ask your doctor if oily skin is a common side-effect. If he or she says that it is, you should ask if there is a product that can do the same thing that will not affect your androgen levels as much and therefore not make your skin so oily.

    The best makeup for oily skin website is here to help women find good makeup for their complexion. If you can have skin that is not oily by easily changing something, then I think that is the way to go. If you can get rid of your oily skin, then you have many more makeup options, and you can almost wear any type you want!

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Why the best makeup for oily skin is better


The best makeup for oily skin is really what you need to look your best. You can use regular makeup or makeup that is another type of skin, but it won’t stay put or look as good.  The models that are designed specifically for our oily skin type are the best to go with.

There are multiple problems with using regular off the shelf makeup that is not unique to our needs. Firstly, makeup that is designed for oily skin helps to keep your skin from producing more oil. That in itself is a great reason for not using regular makeup. Secondly, makeup not designed for oily skin tends to slide around and move or cake up in certain areas. This is because the oil your face produces lets the regular makeup kind of float around. Thirdly, Makeup that is not designed for oily skin will look much darker by the end of the day than it did when you put it on in the morning. This is because regular makeup soaks up some of the oil from your skin and gets what I guess you would call wet? So when it mixes it turns kind of like a paste, so it looks darker. It’s a shame to go to great lengths in finding all the perfect colors and shades you want, only to have them be slightly off colors and shades as the day goes on.

The two most important types of makeup to pick correctly are your cleansers and your foundation. I guess cleansers aren’t technically a type of makeup, but I’ll include them in the top two because they’re so important.  A good cleanser will remove all of the dirt, oil, and old makeup from your face without making your face red, and without having to scrub your face hard. There are also many cleansers on the market that reduce the amount of oil your skin produces over time and remove oil buildup from your pores. These are all important factors to consider when choosing a facial cleanser. Foundations are the second most important makeup decision you have to make when it comes to oily skin. A good foundation can make all the difference in the world in how you look at the end of the day.  You want to look for a foundation that will not absorb the oil that your skin naturally produces, and will not move around on the oil. A good foundation will also help the rest of your makeup have a good dry clean surface to adhere to. Foundation is the foundation that all the rest of your makeup will sit on top of and should be the only makeup that comes into contact with your skin. This is why it’s so much more important that all the other stuff you might want to put on top of it.

Hopefully, this post will help some of you realize why it’s important to pick the best makeup for oily skin then it comes to foundation and cleansers. Thanks for reading.

What is the Best Mascara To Lengthen Eyelashes


Thick, voluminous, dark eyelashes are set to be a single of the massive beauty trends this winter assisting to accentuate your eyes and add even additional drama to your general appear but acquiring the appropriate mascara which will deliver spectacular final results every single time can be tougher than you assume. You wish to obtain a mascara which not only offers you the outcomes you wish but which is Furthermore sort to your lashes, a mascara which does not smudge or flake and is quick to get rid of. Do not know exactly where to start out? There is no will need to be concerned as here we’ll commence you off with our critique of Revlon’s Develop Luscious Plumping Mascara assisting you come to a decision no matter if this is the perfect mascara for you.

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What is Revlon’s Develop Luscious Plumping Mascara?

Revlon’s Develop Luscious Plumping Mascara is a mascara which aims to plump your lashes up to 200% instantaneously for intense volume. It has a specially created applicator brush which aims to grab just about every person lash and evenly coat it with plump perfection. This mascara has been developed to be utilised in 2 coats or far more to reach you eyelash appear. It On top of that has been created to situation your lashes day just after day getting ophthalmologist tested.

How Do You Apply Revlon’s Plumping Mascara?

You can apply this natural mascara just after a handful of effortless methods.

Firstly make confident your eyelashes are clear of any oils or mascara residue. Subsequent dip the applicator brush into the resolution and start out to apply to the suggestions of your eyelashes only and let it dry. Once totally dry apply an additional coat of the mascara but this time beginning from the base of your eyelashes upwards to the tip assisting to totally extend your lashes. For an even even more plumped up lashes use the applicator brush tip to apply to the corner and bottom lashes.

What are the benefits of utilizing this mascara?

A excellent benefit of applying this mascara is not only does it not smudge or flake but it Moreover circumstances your lashes, maintaining this soft and wholesome no matter whether you apply this mascara once a week or once a day. It obviously defines you lashes, drying quick and has a massive applicator brush which allows you to cover all of your lashes with mascara remedy. Furthermore this mascara is non waterproof and so can be simply removed utilizing a makeup remover as nicely as getting very reasonably priced compared to other mascaras offered.

Are there any disadvantages to working with this mascara?

The massive applicator brush can result in your application to be really messy and so this is absolutely a item which you have to come across applied to employing. Moreover this mascara produces varied final results based on no matter if you have straight thin eyelashes or if you have longer curled eyelashes. Once employed to stick straight eyelashes a plumped up lash appear is not as notable as with curlier fuller lashes and longer lashes are not instantaneously visible.

Here we have offered you with a overview of Revlon’s Develop Luscious Plumping Mascara hopefully assisting you make a decision with this is the eyelash mascara for you. This mascara does have quite a few outcomes which includes its conditioning properties and its clear definition of your lashes, but its huge applicator brush can be problematic to use and a plumped up eyelash is less probably to be accomplished on straight thin eyelashes.


Colored mascara & Clear mascara

Regardless of the eye makeup you are planning to wear, colored mascara will always be helpful in spicing up your looks. Generally mascara makes your eyes stand out, look beautiful and prominent. Mascara is not restricted to night outs and special occasions only, but also worn as part of a woman’s daily make up routine. Many of us are used to the common shades of black and brown, while for a longtime colored mascara was left as a reserve for the runway. However, they have now become a common beauty product with the regular woman.

When it comes to shopping for colored mascara, of cause comes the color question. There are many shades to choose from; outlined below are the most popular.

  • Blues: cool blues are a common shade when it comes to mascara choices. The most common in this class is the navy blue. Sky teal and turquoise shades of blue give a jazzy and electric look. These are a great choice for black and hazel eyes; however, avoid this shade for brown eyes.
  • Golden glow: here is a great shade for brown eyes. The shades range from dark to dark grey and golden that is a fashion choice for many. It gives brown eyes a flattery look and makes a great choice for red heads. The bronze shade looks extremely gorgeous on brown eyes.
  • Magical purple: If you are planning to go for a night out and want to achieve a dramatic look, purple becomes a great choice. This goes well with hazel and green eyes, it make the eyes pop outgiving a fabulous and stylish finish. You can match it up with purple eyeliner or a gray color to improve the dramatic effect. Lavender is a popular shade of purple, which is great for light colored and black eyes. However, use color purple sparingly because of its strong character.
  • Soft shimmers: another addition to colored mascara is soft shimmers. Silver and grey suit most colored eyes. White is another soft and outstanding color most suited for the fair skinned woman, this can be shimmery white or simple white. White with a hint of pink is wearable with baby pink. Another dramatic shimmer is metallic green – grey color, which are common with funky clothing.



Colored mascara Packaging

Colored mascara typically comes in small easy to carry tubes, for the pocket and purse. Most tubes open and close in the twist nature and the cap operates as the applicator as well. When one unscrews open the tube, the colored mascara rod collects the creamy product while filtering crust and gobs of the product.

Read more intersted facts about mascara here.

Safety measures

Do not share Beauty products like colored mascara that touch the eyes and the lips. This facilitates transmission of microorganisms transmittable through body fluids leading to infections. Avoid buying opened beauty products. Most manufactures will seal their products to ensure that your get the highest quality. In addition, it is good to ensure that the colored mascara has the correct color, check the expiration date.

Clear mascara has been used by along with tinted face powder, eye shadows, eye pencil and blush to give a very natural look. This kind of look is preferred by those people who desire a finished neat look, but don’t want to show off that they are wearing any make over. For a more natural look, clear mascara has been preferred over tinted mascara. Clear mascara serves more than one purpose by making the lashes slightly darker.


clear mascara


However, clear mascara has equal rights to exist just like a clear wood finish or hair gel. Did you even see asphalt just after rain? So still would you say that water is totally clear? No. Though there is no particular color present in rain but still a road will look much better after rain. Roads have a different reflection amount due to the watery film present after rain. Things and angle of reflection of light gets darker.

Similar is applicable to wet wood, wet hair or wet lashes- which shows the aim of clear mascara. Lashes with watery finish provide shimmer as well as volume. It also plays great in presence of light. This is the reason why a waxed floor is always better looking as compared to simple wood.

So you can give a soothing and final touch to your lashes by clear mascara- by providing a fitted trim to your deep and magnetic eyes which amplifies and reflects your soul light.



Purpose of clear mascara

What exactly clear mascara does and what is it basically used for? These common questions can be answered by looking at its uses. Usually people think that mascara is nothing but an invisible kind of gel which evaporates from lashes and has no purpose at all.

Surely, many products are present in market, which do absolutely nothing. However, real clear mascara holds many advantages. Few of them have been detailed over here.

*  Clear mascara provides separation as well as definition to your lashes without being there. Few men have also been found using it.

*  For natural look, it is indispensable along with lots of benefits.

*  Instead of water proof mascara, it can be used, if the rain is expected.

*  In order to tame your eyebrows, clear mascara is used. You shall apply it softly by the help of a brush and than use your figures in order to provide a desired direction to your eyebrows. Smaller brushes can also be used.

*  If regular mascara has been smudged, you can do top coating of the clear mascara so that to seal it.

*  In order to hold the curls of your eyebrows after you have curled them, you shall apply mascara so that to hold its curl.

*  If darker mascara has been applied at the upper lashes, you shall use clear mascara on bottom lashes. Though it doesn’t stand out more as compared to the darker one, however it will not bare disproportionately, to go without mascara.